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Microplastics in Our Bodies – A Rocha USA
July 26, 2022, 1 pm CST – Webinar

Recent research confirms the presence of microplastics in the human bloodstream and in lung tissue. How significant are these scientific findings? As Christians, how could we respond? A panel discussion with Dr. Mark McReynolds (scientist/pastor), Liuan Huska (journalist and author of Hurting Yet Whole), and Michelle Feenstra (biology graduate student), about the implications of microplastics in the human body and wider world.

Book – Hurting Yet Whole

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What if the things we most fear about our bodies – our vulnerability to illness and pain – are exactly the places where God meets us most fully?

As Liuan Huska went through years of chronic pain, she wondered why God seemed absent and questioned some of the common assumptions about healing. 

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Liuan Huska is a freelance journalist and writer at the intersection of ecology, embodiment, and faith. She is the author of Hurting Yet Whole: Reconciling Body and Spirit in Chronic Pain and Illness, a book weaving memoir, theology, and sociocultural critique. Liuan’s reporting and essays have appeared in Christianity Today, Borderless, Grist, Spirituality and Health, The Christian Century, BioLogos, and on NPR’s Here and Now. She is a regular columnist for Sojourners magazine and a fellow with the Religion and Environment Story Project.

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