What if the things we most fear about our bodies – our vulnerability to illness and pain – are exactly the places where God meets us most fully?

Liuan digs into this question in Hurting Yet Whole: Reconciling Body and Spirit in Chronic Pain and Illness, releasing December 8, 2020.
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Liuan Huska explores how the issues that affect us daily intersect with the deepest questions in our lives – Who are we? Where is God in all of this? How now shall we live? Her writing, on topics ranging from immigration to sexuality, appears in Christianity Today, The Christian Century, In Touch Magazine, Hyphen, Sojourners, and Church Health Reader. She lives with her husband and their three little boys in the Chicago area.

Alone in My Body

The thought that the pain might be chronic flashed into my mind while walking around Herrick Lake with a couple friends visiting town…It was only …

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